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December 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Being that I have a severe interest in modern geology, as well as historical geology, I’ve always been curious about these “great flood” rumors and how I could prove them wrong. Over time, it’s easy to nitpick at the majority of their talking points, but there are some details that many people might not know in favor of science.

Let’s start with the actual evidence in favor of a global flood. Yup, I said it. There was indeed a global flood at one point in Earth’s history. However, it was a few billion years ago and not at 2348 BC: an exact creationist date. All of the water on Earth was brought to us by extraterrestrial sources. According to NASA, most of the water seems to have come from the asteroid belt: an orbit of billions and billions of asteroids and meteors that are farther away from the Sun than the Earth. This enables them to maintain the water content more easily since Earth would have been a bit too close to the Sun at the time to maintain small amounts on its own. Over time, more and more meteors crashed into our planet, creating a global ocean and clearing the path for our atmosphere’s birth. This theory is corroborated with the recent findings of water on our Moon.

Okay, so now that we have that out of the way we can get to the fun stuff! Assuming that the supposed flood was only a few thousand years ago, we can be fairly sure that the topography of the Earth was relatively close to how we see it today. Nearly everything we see: volcanoes, mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes, deserts, etc. would have been nearly exactly the same, with a slight possibility for minor changes. And, yes, the Grand Canyon would have already been “carved.”

Flood Argument #1: The Fossil Record (billions of dead things buried in sedimentation all over the Earth)

So, we’ve found fossils inside sediments all across the planet. So? Who says they were laid down at the exact same time? Consider continental drift (or plate tectonics) – over millions and millions of years, the continents have been moving and shifting all over the Earth’s surface. It’s highly probable that every area has been covered by an ocean at one time or another. Not only that, but fossils don’t necessarily need to die and fall into an ocean to be preserved…

Then there’s the garbage attempt at an argument about fossils being at the tops of mountains. So? Let’s consider plate tectonics again! Many of the mountain chains we see are along subduction plate boundaries. When Plate A pushes against Plate B it subducts, or goes under, thus pushing up the sediment of Plate B and creating mountains. That’s a bit simplistic, but you get the idea. So when you keep pushing up fossils higher and higher above their original level, you get fossils… in a mountain! Wow!

Last on the list for this argument are the concerns over fossilized trees that are at “odd” angles and saved in several sedimentary layers. These are generally called “polystrate fossils” if you’d like to look it up yourself. Well, apparently this is superior evidence for a cataclysmic flood. Explain this away, science! Well, alright. I will! Although these fossils do suggest rapid accumulation of sediments around them, there is no need to even consider that it had to be a global flood. The breaking of a dam, flooded rivers, mudslides, even volcano eruptions can all contribute to a quick movement of sediment. One of the coolest (in my opinion) ways that this could happen is via volcano. A volcano (often one created over an oceanic plate) erupts water, along with molten rock and gas. The mixing of these materials can create lahars – or very hot mudslides – that can cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time. This is the case with Yellowstone’s polystrate forest. Voila!

Flood Arguments #2 and on…

According to there is innumerable evidence for a biblical flood. Now, they don’t go into detail on these arguments (I’d have to buy the book and I’m definitely not going to), but I still find them incredibly humorous. Here are a few of my favorites:

– Earthquakes, Ice Age, The Grand Canyon, Frozen Mammoths, Volcanoes and Lava, Geothermal Heat, Magnetic Variations on the Ocean Floor, Changing Axis Tilt.

Changing Axis Tilt? A FLOOD would change the axis of the Earth? HA! Oh, it would be soooo funny if it weren’t so sad.

Last on my debunk list is against the ability for a worldwide flood to even happen due to the amount of water itself. According to biblical stories, the flood happened due to an epic rainfall and the erupting of underwater fountains. So, essentially, the flood was all made possible by groundwater and atmospheric moisture. Would you be interested in knowing that groundwater only makes up about 0.62% of the water on Earth? Even more devastating to a flood claim is the fact that the water content in the atmosphere is at about 0.001%. And, even if the glaciers all melted that would still be only an extra 2.15% of water. How could an extra 2.771% cover the continents entirely? They couldn’t. Never. I’ve debated this particular argument several times and it always gets a creationist to rely on the “god did it” answer. What I’m continually frustrated with is why a creationist would try to use science to explain a flood into existence – then backtrack when it is clear that science never could. It’s just a very sleazy thing to do… and they say that we’re the evil ones! Hmmph!

On a final note, I’d like to offer the photographic evidence of Noah’s Ark found. Okay, not really… but the image itself is quite funny-looking, to me anyway.

No wonder they like it so much...

Now, I ask you – does that not look like a huge vagina?