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Hello world…

… whoever you are! I’m a twentysomething, single female atheist with a lot to say. I feel that atheists, in general, don’t really have as active a voice as our religious counterparts – let alone women atheists – and I hope to help remedy that here. I sort of feel like a mythical creature in a fantastical world of nonsense.

pardon my crumbs

pardon my crumbs

Lately I’ve been browsing the internet trying to find statistics on exactly how many female atheists are out there in comparison to their male counterparts. Various sites claim the ratio is, at best, 2:1 in favor of the men. I find this incredibly believable as in my own family I happen to be the one female to my father and brother. If only my mother (who is a non-practicing believer) would jump ship and help me out! I also have no trouble believing this claim because of how women, by in large, tend to be more emotional. Religious beliefs are very emotional because of how they make you feel. I often wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that women are so few in the scientific field. Science references things that you can see and test – not relative to how you feel… I’m not saying women should remove themselves from their emotional tendencies but merely learn how to identify them as irrational ways for making many decisions.

Now I know you’re thinking I must be some militant feminist who wants women to be free of all stereotypes and stigma, but that’s not entirely true. I appreciate women who take the more traditional roles of being mothers, caretakers, teachers, etc. I just find it disheartening that many people, even today, aren’t teaching their daughters that they could be so much more. They can use their brains, critical thinking, logic and intelligence just as well as anyone else – and should! We’re giving these girls the most terrible role models who epitomize every ill stereotype possible. I wonder if there will be time to make a difference while I’m still around…

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